Teil des Projekts sein

To be part of the project

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Fill out the form below to be part of the project

Describe in detail the place where you are, what you see, what you hear and the position of your body.
Describe in detail the smells that have remained in your memory, or that you have missed, during the confinement and also in this situation of suspended time.
What flavour comes to your mind when you think of quarantine? any flavour that was frequent or is frequent during this pandemic?
Did you listen to music, what did you hear, what are the sounds in your landscape that have affected you the most and those that have disappeared or emerged, did you notice the absence of sounds?
How has your way of touching another person changed? do you avoid touching other people? do you miss touching others' bodies? has the way you perceive yourself changed?
Has the way you look changed or is it always the same? What/who do you miss looking at?
Describe this period with a colour. Associate this period with parts of your body. Describe this period with a word or phrase.
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