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Multidisciplinary project

Seven is a multidisciplinary project with different perceptions of the same problem:

How is the memory of perception?

Seven questions sent around the world have generated testimonials in different languages, seven have been chosen to accompany the citizen-spectator on a sound journey, and consequently design the experience itself.
This experience converges in a unidirectional cyclic performance, a relentless advance, the visible union between two points that were not created to be connected.

We are interested in this research on the cultural diversification of opinion, unifying this diversity in our proposal through a sound and performance experience.

Artistic director and concept: Pablo Tapia Leyton
Production and creative development: Camila Scholtbach
Sound designer: Barbara Schachtner
Costume designer: Sophia Spies
Dramaturg: Bebè Soares
Web designer: Enrico Falzetti
Register and social media: Emelyn Yabar Tito
Performance: Camilla Scholtbach – Pablo Tapia Leyton
Original idea: Francesca Innocenzi – Pablo Tapia Leyton

With the contribution of:



Seven questions generate Seven audios

Essen, Germany

This map represents the points where we disposed the seven testimonials. You can choose the order to go from one to another one. To listen the testimonials just click over the icon and your experience will begin.


These are the answers to the questionnaire. People all over the world take a break in their life to reflect, think and feel their bodies and create an archive that we would like to increase


Grüne Mitte Essen 7-8-9 OKtober 19,00


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